Izotropic Unveils “Izoview” Branding for Breast CT Platform in Development and Files Trademark Applications

Izotropic Corporation (CSE: IZO) (OTCQB: IZOZF) (FSE: 1R3) (“Izotropic” or the “Company“), a company commercializing true 3D, dedicated breast CT imaging technology for the earlier detection, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancers, is pleased to unveil its highly anticipated breast CT platform, the izoview.


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The Company is adding to its intellectual property portfolio by filing a number of trademark applications in Canada, the United States and Europe. Protection is pending for the Company’s recognizable name, platform device name and logos.

CEO Robert Thast stated “Although the izoview platform is not yet available for sale, we’re securing critical foundations around the globe that will benefit the Company and patients for years to come. We will continue to plan for the future and identify opportunities to support the Company’s growth plans and expedite patient access to breast CT.”



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The word ‘isotropic’ was coined by breast CT Principal Founder and company Director Dr. John M. Boone to describe the technology and has since been adopted by the breast imaging industry. Meaning ‘uniform in all directions,’ isotropic inspired the name of both the Company and the platform itself as it reflects the device’s unique 360-degree image acquisition and viewing capabilities.



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The izoview breast imaging platform will be a whole new experience for patients, radiologists, and providers:

The patient places their own breast in the izoview imaging cup. Patient dignity is preserved as no degrading breast handling, or painful breast compression is required. With a comfortable face down view, natural breast orientation is maintained, producing more suitable image outputs.

The izoview imaging hardware beneath the table then circles around the patient’s breast, producing approximately 500 high-resolution images (depending on breast length) in 10 seconds, with a radiation dose comparable to 2-view mammography. A true 3D reconstructed image (data set) is produced within 30 seconds, which a radiologist can then view from any angle like a 3D model, or slide through the 500 cross-sectional images individually to better determine tumor size, shape, location, and relation to internal breast structures, which is critical for surgical planning, treatment monitoring, and treatment delivery. When used with contrast in ongoing clinical trials, the izoview may find lesions and tumors in the 3-5mm size range. Compared to the average-sized tumor found on screening mammography, the izoview may offer 1-1.5 year earlier breast cancer detection. Every month cancer treatment is delayed increases the risk of death by 10%.

The izoview presents the opportunity for a shorter workflow for providers. Faster imaging times create the potential for a 3-fold increase in the number of patients imaged per day, which would decrease wait times for critical breast imaging appointments.


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About Izotropic Corporation

Izotropic Corporation is commercializing dedicated breast CT imaging technology for the earlier detection, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancers. Extensive preliminary studies have found that breast CT may be able to routinely detect small breast tumors in the 3-5 mm size range. The median size of breast cancer found using mammography is approximately 11 mm. Routine detection of 3 mm lesions would result in 1.5 year earlier detection over mammography.

The initial indication for use for breast CT as a diagnostic device has been confirmed. Forthcoming business objectives include identifying additional indications for use, development of accessories, and additional products, all aimed at making breast CT an indispensable tool for improving the outcomes of breast cancer.

Additional information about Izotropic Corporation can be found on its website at izocorp.com and by reviewing its profile on SEDAR at sedar.com

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