Uncovering Golden Mysteries at the Phillips Township Property

Authored By: Lemuel Daher

Here’s why you should be excited about Golden Rapture Mining (CSE: GLDR).

As we speak, GLDR is delving into a property that has been centuries in the making. Before prospectors made their exodus to Klondike in 1897, a large number of gold discoveries were made in Northwest Ontario. This phenomenon was called, “the Lake of the Woods Gold Rush.”

Many of those forgotten golden opportunities have been assembled on one land package and it’s called the Phillips Township Property… and it is 100% owned by Golden Rapture.

Now that the Company has just finished a very successful surface sampling program at the Phillips Township Property and has commenced trading on the CSE, this is the perfect time to get involved with Golden Rapture as they open a treasure chest that’s full of forgotten golden opportunities!

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At its core, GLDR is a company dedicated to locating, acquiring, and developing economic precious and base metal properties of merit.

But more than that, it’s also a company with a compelling share structure, a company that is well-financed, and a company that signed a $5,000,000 Equity Draw Down Funding Agreement from Crescita Capital LLC last year.

Not only does this funding agreement mitigate risk by functioning as a potential safety net, it’s also a well of cash that GLDR can choose to dip into if they deem it necessary. In other words, this funding agreement is actually a financing instrument that is perfectly tuned to Golden Rapture’s needs.

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The Phillips Township Property itself has a very low cost of exploration – there is a drilling company located mere kilometres away and, of course, the region has a promising local infrastructure.

After all, the “Lake of the Woods” is a prosperous district that’s rife with historic gold discoveries. And the fact that the Phillips Township Property is located in a Tier 1 mining jurisdiction means that it has neighbours such as the successful New Gold Rainy River Gold Mine.
Is it any wonder why Golden Rapture recently expanded their holdings in the area?

That’s right – the Company has staked an additional eleven claims! GLDR’s Phillips Township Property now has an impressive eighteen historical mine shafts, an adit, 236 contiguous claim cells, and more than 10,000 acres of highly prospective past-producing gold systems!

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This is a property with a long history of untapped potential. We mentioned earlier that it was known to host several gold showings since 1897… but after prospectors left the Lake of the Woods Gold Rush behind, production at Phillips Township stagnated. The property was simply held by local prospectors until a proper exploration program could begin. 

Then came 2017. 

This year saw massive breakthroughs, such as a ten-hole drilling campaign that intersected gold in every hole. The problem? The original explorer exhausted their funds before getting a chance to follow up on these results. 

Moreover, the gold occurrences that were discovered were divvied into separate gold projects that were owned by different entities… 

…until Golden Rapture Mining.

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At long last, GLDR managed to unite these world-class, high-grade gold occurrences under one umbrella… something which has never happened before. GLDR also benefits from the arsenal of modern technologies at their disposal, so expect the Company to delve into the property in new and unprecedented ways.

(And we’re using the term “delve” literally here – because the ground at the Phillips Township Property has never been drilled below 220 feet!)

Folks, this is a new company working on an old property that’s chock full of underexplored gold occurrences. But now that these disparate gold occurrences have been brought together… GLDR is essentially one project with multiple shots at success!

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So far, GLDR’s talented prospecting team has conducted two sample programs across the property, resulting in a total of 213 random samples. Once those samples were collected and analyzed, 189 of them returned gold values…

…which means that an incredible 86% of samples were found to contain gold!

GLDR was pleasantly surprised to discover that so many on-surface high-grade quartz veins carried this precious metal, but it was already evident that there are numerous high-grade gold systems at the Phillips Township Property.

There are eight systems in particular that we’d like to direct your attention to: the Combined Mine, Mascotte Mine, Trojan Mine, Boulder Occurrence, Young’s Bay Occurrence, the OGS Occurrence, the Kuluk Occurrence, and the Terrell Occurrence.

While the Combined Mine has seen the most exploration over the years, the Abandoned Mine Inventory System reports that this mine was only operated twice and has no records of production. What’s more, it has never been drilled below 90 metres!

As for the work that was completed, high-grade results of 63.8g/t/au over 1 metre and 12.02 g/t/au over 6.5 metres were achieved but never followed up on. However, recent sampling has yielded results as high as 125.00 g/t/Au!

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The mine area itself consists of seven shafts with some drifting as well as numerous trenches, pits, and documented visible gold.

Additionally, the Combined Mine has four main veins. The majority of the gold bearing vein systems have parallel systems — and the mine area hosts an open pit-able gold deposit of an inferred 349,987 ounces!

Keep in mind that there was roughly 100,000 tons of ore material on-surface ready for a bulk test. President and CEO Richard Rivet once remarked that where there’s smoke there’s fire… and, folks, there is a considerable amount of fire on-surface at the Combined Mine.

Which is to say: high-priority, drill-ready targets are right beneath the ore body.

Additionally, consider that the mine area is located in a Tier 1 mining jurisdiction – so it would be a simple enough task to ship the ore material to the New Rainy River Mine which is less than 40 kilometres away.

Gr 2023 Kenora 13

Speaking of proximity, the Mascotte Mine is located only 250m off the highway. The mine has three shafts, one adit, and four parallel veins. And you can actually see visible gold on the mine’s ceiling! It was observed within the parallel quartz veins, which average from 1.0 to 1.5 meters in width.

Before Golden Rapture, no exploration had been recorded for over a century and the historical gold production numbers are unknown…

…but now we have GLDR’s recent sample results, which climb as high as 66.02 g/t/Au!

Gr 2023 Kenora 16

The Trojan Mine – which is a good 100 metres closer to the highway than Mascotte – has achieved sampling results as high as 43.70 g/t/Au. This is a mine with three shafts, four surface pits, numerous trenches, and seven sub-parallel gold bearing quartz veins.

The width of these hilltop veins ranges from 0.5 metres up to 3.6 meters, and they trend to the north-south – with vein #3 being 275 meters in length.

No drilling has been reported at Trojan. What’s more, this mine area had never previously been explored for zinc, copper, and other critical minerals… but GLDR has expanded their focus beyond gold after uncovering so many critical minerals!

In other words, GLDR is pioneering at Trojan. Even after 100 years of notoriety… the Phillips Township Property is still a new frontier!

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While visible gold has been documented at the Boulder Occurrence, recent sampling has yet to take place. However, what we do know about Boulder is promising. It has two parallel veins and two shafts, with the main shaft going down to 90m with four levels. 

The recent sampling results from Young’s Bay are high as 204.00 g/t/Au. This system consists of six quartz veins that parallel each other. Four of those six have visible gold. They are separated by 30 metres of low ground, which follows the same strike direction as the veins.

Finally, the OGS Occurrence and Kuluk Occurrence both have one vein each and the Terrell Occurrence has five veins and a shaft.

But remember this: many of the aforementioned high-grade gold occurrences also plot on the margins of magnetic highs on total magnetic field maps. There are strong indications that the Phillips Township Property is subdivided into three zones divided by major interpreted NW-SE faults, where six of the eight occurrences are close to these structures.

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Suffice to say, this is a property with immense – albeit dormant – potential. But one of the most challenging obstacles for any company that acquires a high-value property like this is ensuring that their story gets heard. 

Fortunately, GLDR has amassed and developed an unmatched promotion strategy. Rather than be content with utilizing bog-standard investor relations strategies, the Company is actively employing new age, daily high-volume social media marketing efforts through use of multiple marketing firms.

For instance, take Departures Capital Inc., who were engaged by GLDR for the production of social media services such as YouTube and TikTok videos, as well as various interviews and articles. And GLDR is also collaborating with Guerilla Capital, who utilise dynamic, high-impact, high-volume messaging across over 50+ investing groups and social media domains

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These shrewd decisions all highlight one of the Company’s biggest assets: the experience and skill brought to bear by Golden Rapture’s management team.

Golden Rapture is led by Richard Rivet, a senior mining executive with more than a decade of public company experience. GLDR also benefits from a public company marketing specialist, a professional geologist, serial entrepreneurs, and a registered trader with a decade of experiences with new issues and IPO’s… 

…the point being: this is not a fledgling operation for Golden Rapture’s management team. And we’re glad for this… because a slew of corporate developments is soon on the way!

We now know that the Company is planning a follow-up exploration program that will further test higher-grade veins and continue GLDR’s exploration of the property. As we speak, GLDR is discussing the next phase of exploration and they estimate that this next phase should commence at the start of May.

For this reason, we maintain that the perfect time to get involved with Golden Rapture is right now.

So, follow Golden Rapture as they actively work toward understanding the golden mysteries at the heart of the Phillips Township Property – because the future of this company looks every bit as bright as the gold they’re bound to uncover!

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