Fokus Prioritizes New Gold Discovery At Galloway

Authored By Lemuel Daher:

How long has it been since we last spoke about Fokus Mining?

It feels like we’re overdue for another visit with this particular mineral resource company, seeing as this past year has seen Fokus make monumental headway exploring precious metal deposits at their bountiful, Québec-based land package!

If you follow these Commentary Corners, you may be familiar with some of the recent critical developments in Fokus’ story — such as Fokus’ agreement with Mosaic Minerals to sell off a select number of their mining claims.

Now, we won’t go into toomuch detail retreading the particulars of this deal… but, suffice to say, it’s something to be excited about. See, this corporate ‘shedding’ of assets affords the Company more time to concentrate on their Galloway property. 

If you’re just now learning of Galloway for the first time, you should know that this property has heaven and earth working in its favor! As in, Galloway has a near-unparalleled history of landmark success.

Don’t believe us? Go ahead and guess where the first gold discovery in western Québec was made.

That’s right.

But there’s more to the promise of Galloway. See, in addition to being situated in one of Canada’s most prolific mining regions, Galloway is also very close to many successful mining projects such as Kerr Addison mine and the Wasamac property. 

Which is to say… Galloway also has location and infrastructureon its side!

The region plays host to an experienced, competent, and sizeable workforce… while the property is close to a populated city, a railway, and the TransCanada Highway.

At MarketSmart, we’re always lauding Galloway’s virtues. Only a few months ago, we were discussing happy tidings coming from the project. 

Remember when Fokus reported on a newly discovered gold zone at Galloway? A gold zone which showed substantial gold potential on surface as well as shared an intermediate intrusive with Fokus Mining’s Hendrick and Hurd zones?

Well, then you’ll also remember that this gold zone — christened the RB Zone — is located just to the east of Fokus’ GP gold zone — and that it was a high-definition helicopter-borne magnetic survey which did the actual locating.

Now, the RB Zone’s magnetic signature was only one of the exploration targets identified by this survey… but we tend to think of the RB Zone as the ‘grand reveal’ at the close of a good film; the discovery no one expects. 

In any case, RB has since become one of the Company’s top priorities. Of the twelve holes that have been drilled to-date at RB, each and all gave off strongindications of a significant, near-surface gold presence.

Originally, Fokus’ work at RB began with an initial four holes — holes which returned interestingvalues throughout the core. The successes yielded from this initial campaign — especially in the uppermost parts of those holes — are what prompted Fokus to follow it up with another four short holes.

Now, three of those four follow-ups were to be drilled from the collars of holes from 2020-2021, plus the one other that was drilled from the collar of a hole in 2009.

Long story short? Yet more good gold values were uncovered. And while we’re talking about the substantial gold potential indicated at the RB Zone… remember that those values were found in the first two-hundred metres from surface.

With that in mind, it doesn’t take much to understand Fokus’ decision to action an additional seven shallow holes: infills with dips ranging between 50 to 75 degrees and varying in length from 200 to 260 metres. To be clear, these seven holes will total 1,650 metres of exploration. 

The ultimate goal behind this? To increase the level of confidence in near-surface gold mineralisation. 

And if you travel one kilometer east of the RB Zone — you’ll find that Fokus Mining also has a great deal of confidence in hole GA-21-59.

This hole’s special, folks: it’s one of the large magnetic anomalies the Company means to test in order to demonstrate that it’s also mineralized with gold. Now, verifying the environment of the hole is critical, given that hole 59 has already revealed the presence of another potential gold showing with a grade of 7 g/t Au over 3m intersected at a vertical depth of approximately 140m. 

And while the 59 hole is one of the priority targets outside of the potential RB-Hurd corridor, the corridor itself is important, too. See, in addition to the RB Zone being in a similar geological setting to the Hendrick Zone, the corridor connecting the RB Zone to the Hurd Zone is another portend of near-surface gold potential!

So, we can expect those areas to be Fokus Mining’s top priority this year… just as we’re expecting more glad tidings from Fokus to be coming your way, very soon!

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