Canada Silver Cobalt (TSXV: CCW) | (OTC: CCWOF) Endeavors to Evolve and Explore!

Authored By: Lemuel Daher

All the hot weather and sunshine may be winding down for the year, but Canada Silver Cobalt’s biggest moves are still ahead of them! Here at MarketSmart, we’re sure the Company’s latest corporate developments are bound to capture your interest and generate it in others!

If there’s a single word that goes a long way toward encapsulating CCW’s current ethos, it’s “Simplification.” Folks, CCW has had its hands in a lot of jars for some time now. Base metals, precious metals, and now lithium? And while they have found considerable success at their many properties — it’s finally time for the Company to begin divesting itself of select assets as it very rapidly evolves into a pure, precious-metal play!

Take Graal, for example. This grassroots Nickel-Copper-Cobalt exploration property has immense potential when it comes to hosting electric vehicle metals, and the Company’s plan to spin-out Graal into the subsidiary Coniagas Battery Metals Inc is finally underway!

So, what does this mean for you?

Well, about 37% of the Coniagas shares are to be distributed to CCW shareholders by way of a special dividend that consists of approximately 11.7 million shares, each of which will be accompanied by one-half of a common share purchase warrant.

But, on another level, this spinout is the best way to maximise the full ambit of the project’s value. A separate public company is now able to devote the entirety of its time toward developing Graal. Everyone wins here, folks. Graal wins, the Company wins, the shareholders win, and the EV metals industry wins.

Back to the project’s value for just a moment… we should consider that Graal is situated within the Grenville geologic province, and contains ultramafic to mafic magmatic type rocks that belong to one of the largest anorthositic complexes in the world.

What’s more, we also need to consider that the diamond drilling completed after identifying a massive gravity anomaly at the heart of the property returned various amounts of Nickel-Copper-Cobalt, alongside minor amounts of Platinum-Palladium.

At present, Graal is just one of CCW’s 14 properties in Northern Quebec — but will soon make up a 6,113-hectare land package for Coniagas. Combine that with the positive drill results and the fact that Coniagas is in a friendly jurisdiction for resource development… Well, it’s clear that this spin-out is a bona fide success for shareholders who are well positioned in both Canada Silver and in Coniagas.

Speaking of successes, we’d be remiss if we didn’t also mention CCW’s St. Denis and Sangster properties. If you are unfamiliar with St. Denis, it is an emerging camp that represents 26,373-hectares of lithium potential!

And that isn’t simply idle speculation.

Canada Silver Cobalt has undertaken extensive research and analysis of historical exploration data in order to define and discern high-priority targets on the St. Denis and Sangster properties. Not only do each of those targets boast promising geological characteristics but, only a couple months ago, CCW completed a helicopter multiparameter airborne survey system (MPASS).

The survey revealed numerous points of interest on the St. Denis block, immediately southwest of the Power Metals property. But is that really surprising? The St. Denis claims package, after all, is only five kilometres away from Power Metal’s West Joe Dyke and Main Dyke — where the high-grade drill results were reported.

Now, Joe Dyke and Main Dyke are spodumene dykes that are part of the Case Lake pegmatite swarm. And not only has drilling at Case Lake yielded high grade intercepts of Lithium and Cesium — Power Metals has also identified dome shaped laccolith igneous intrusions…  

…and the trend of these domes appears to strike through both the Case Lake and St. Denis properties!

Put simply: the geological data points to a common environment for the occurrence of Lithium-Cesium-Tantalum pegmatites.

To substantiate these claims, look no further than Power Metals. They have already conducted four exploration programs on the Case Lake Property, returning returned with lithium intercepts such as 1.58% Li₂ over 15.00m in drill hole PWM-22-134, or cesium intercepts such as 6.74% Cs₂O over 5.00m and 11.00 to 16.00m in drill hole PWM-18-126.

Folks, understand that lithium, tantalum, and cesium truly are the resources of the future. They feature prominently in new, cutting-edge technologies and carry a huge amount of momentum in public investment strategies.

Canada Silver Cobalt means to meet this demand by building out a comprehensive lithogeochemical map. This means collecting as many rocks as possible to create a targeting tool that will help to expand CCW’s understanding of their properties, and help them to identify pegmatites with the highest potential for economic mineralization.

As we speak, exploration efforts have seen a marked increase. By adding a second field team to their properties, Canada Silver aims to expedite data collection and analysis. So, stay tuned as Canada Silver Cobalt Works continues to set themselves to the task of unpacking St. Denis and spinning out Graal!

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