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VSBLTY Groupe Technologies

Born as a shopper marketing tool, VSBLTY is a groundbreaking retail technology & marketing company with a variety of applications to drive brand engagement, and puts insights in motion to drive sales.

VisionCaptor™ marries brilliantly executed motion graphics or interactive brand messaging on any digital display at point-of-sale in retail environments such as supermarkets, c-stores, showrooms, with “first of its kind” FacialAnalytics™ and measurement technology that records engagement rates, interactions, sentiment,  and real time behavioral analytics all while driving lift.

Shares Outstanding: 76,738,959

Jay Hutton - President, C.E.O and Director
Tim Huckaby - C.T.O.
Fred Potok - Co-Founder / Chief Sales Officer
Linda Rosanio - Co-Founder / COO
Lisa Johnson - VP Sales
Jan Talamo - CCO
Alnesh Mohan - Director
Guy Lombardo - Director
Laurette Pitts - CFO and Corporate Secretary

Leviathan Cannabis Group Inc.

Leviathan Cannabis is poised to be the leading multi-jurisdictional cannabis enterprise on the global stage. We bring together the best product formulations, the most outstanding brands and the strongest expertise from Canada and around the world.

Shares Outstanding: 94,743,603

Martin J. Doane - C.E.O.
Jayne Beckwith – C.C.O, Founder
Luvlina Sanghera – C.M.O, Founder
Cheryl Sarnavka – C.F.O
Dan Grady – Head of Production
Andrea Carman – VP, Quality & Regulatory Affairs
Renny Bidinot – Head of Business Development
Paul Gri – Lead Engineer
Daryl Ching – Financial Analyst
Shobana Thaya – Investor Relations
Marty Kusmerik – Managing Director
David Jarvis - Director



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