MarketSmart Technology

Investor Communications to Grow Relationships

MarketSmart Communications is a Vancouver, British Columbia-based corporate communications service with deep industry knowledge in venture capital investing and small cap investing. In service since 2002, MarketSmart offers investors unique opportunities to partner with promising public companies.

MarketSmart’s success in investor communications is built on a belief that it’s not the number of clients we represent, but the quality of clients. We take this principle to heart by being highly selective of the companies we work with. The result is a top-tier of variety small to mid cap investing opportunities for investors seeking new endeavours in venture capital investing.

MarketSmart aims to form strong partnerships between public companies and investors, leading to the mutual achievement of long-term goals. Engaging both client groups in beneficial agreements is pivotal to our success, as all parties must realize their objectives for growth to be achieved.

Our industry connections in venture capital investing have built trust with public companies, who like MarketSmart because they understand our success is driven by their success. Though we have connections with a variety of industries, our specialty is small to mid cap investing opportunities in the fields of resource and technology.

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