As of June 2024, James Berard’s journey has come full circle. James has a long history with MarketSmart, having started his career with the company in 2003. James played an instrumental role in MarketSmart’s success and was a trusted and respected employee until his departure in 2006, whereupon he joined Kcrew Communications from 2006 to 2009.

In the intervening years, James owned his own investor relations firm. During this time, he established meaningful relationships with clients and made a slew of notable achievements. He worked with Aurea Mining, which turned out to be Neustrike Gold after being bought out by Timmins Gold (TSX: TMM) for $7.00 a share after starting at $0.10. His most recent accomplishment is Izotropic (CSE: IZO), which started at $0.17 and went all the way to $1.55.

The company is thrilled to welcome James back, and is excited for James to lend his invaluable expertise and unique approach toward MarketSmart’s corporate objectives.