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Company Investor Relations: Resource Investing and Other Opportunities

For Investors

MarketSmart provides investors and shareholders with company investor relations to reach unique new companies to invest in.

Our contacts with upcoming companies allow us to provide the right investors with exclusive technology and resource investing opportunities. We are highly selective of the companies we represent - and proud of it.

As experts in company investor relations, our finger is always on the pulse of new exciting opportunities. We deliver our clients the latest ideas, trends, and openings as it relates to new companies to invest in, ensuring you are never out of touch.

Our highly experienced corporate communications team will present you with easy to understand documents outlining our client's core competencies, financial information, and why we feel they are worthy of your investment.

If you need communications services that deliver you information on new companies to invest in, as well as and other promising start-ups, please contact us.

For Public Companies

MarketSmart’s services are a cost-effective way for public companies to widen their investor audience. We have strong industry contacts with investors eager to find new companies to invest in.

How does MarketSmart help public companies find the right investors?

Full Outreach Campaign

Our Full Outreach Campaigns take a multi-faceted approach to getting your company noticed:

  • Exposure to approximately 45,000 pre-qualified Canadian and US investors seeking new companies to invest in
  • Direct marketing campaigns to a network of firms needing company investor relations, including stockbrokers, private investment sources and other contacts
  • Ongoing shareholder and investor communications promoting your company’s latest achievements
  • A section for your company on the MarketSmart website featuring videos, company profiles, news releases, and a link to your corporate website
  • E-Mail marketing to a wide audience of North American and European investors

Our Full Outreach Program utilizes a full spectrum of leading edge communication services to the investment community and public. If you need company investor relations related to technology or resource investing, call 1.877.261.4466 and inquire about our Market Awareness Programs.

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